Cannabis Oil Dosing


When enjoying cannabis edibles we believe in starting with a low dose of cannabis oil 5mg of THC and then moving on once you understand what type of experience you are looking for. Our ReTreat baking mixes allow you to choose your own cannabis oil based on your own needs. In order to simplify making edibles at home we have put together a chart of many of the popular cannabis oils and worked out how much you will need to add to your ReTreat baking mix to get a 5mg THC dose per square.


Example #!: If you are using Cann Trust THC Drops you would need to add 2.4ml of cannabis oil to the mix for 5mg THC / 0.2mg CBD in each of the 12 squares.


Example #2: If you were looking for 10mg THC in each of the 12 squares then you would double the amount of Cann Trust THC Drops from 2.4ml to 4.8ml.