Chef Inspired Cannabis Edibles

Executive Chef John MacNeil

Red Seal Chef John MacNeil has developed a practice exploring unique, tasty and tasteful cannabis creations. He brings to reTreat a speciality in gastronomy, crafting enjoyable ‘reTreats’ with taste, quality and experience in mind.


Fresh, high-quality ingredients are the building blocks in our reTreat kitchen. Chef MacNeil believes using cannabis as an ingredient can produce unlimited flavour combinations because there are so many strains with complex aromas and tastes. When developing a Cannabis recipe Chef MacNeil pairs ingredients based on flavour and aroma to ensure an uncompromising taste profile.


Chef MacNeil has 20 years of culinary experience. He attended the Culinary Institute of Canada; earned Red Seal status; appeared on Chopped Canada; is a recipient of Avenue Magazine’s Best New Chef in Calgary award, and twice the Executive Chef at establishments that won Avenue’s Best New Restaurant in Calgary.